The astonishing fact, is nobody does their due dilligence - Xelzeta does not operate in the Philippines, yet, is able to brainwash and hoodwink Unity into making Chris as one of their trainers in Manila. Can you imagine that? a person without porfolio and industry experience able to hoodwink Unity into giving him trainer status -- without signing a contract nor taking a test.

Chris claims to be an "inidgent foreigner". In reality, he avoids the bank because no bank in Philippines is allowed to open a bank account for foreigners.

His bank account in the USA is closed, due to anti-money-launndering act (in fact, any American who opens a bank account overseas and does not pay taxes will get their bank account forcibly closed).

So he avoids paying taxes in Philippines by doing cash-only.

Chris is a floater - he gives other people's addresses - mailing address doesn't mean the person is staying there. He does that to avoid police, and legal notices.

Chris claims to do concept, designing, animation, modelling, rigging, texturing, coding but no animation, no concept art, no coding exists. He claims to be the brand ambassador, a check on Wacom, states that Chris Ruiz is NOT a brand ambassador for Wacom.

Attached are the certified true copy of the lawsuit which Chris Ruiz lost.

Not only did he lose, he used PAO (Public Attorney Office) lawyers for FREE using a forged certificate of indigency (i.e., he is a very poor foreigner), while earning salary.

In the below lawsuit, he is a teacher, but has no prior teaching experience.

Christopher A. Ruiz (Chris Ruiz, C. Adam Ruiz) continues to misrepresent himself as an animator, 3d modeller when (he) has no prior arts, no portfolio, nor any new art since (he) left Ragnarok in 2002.

Chris Ruiz's resume (as seen on alt-right websites) and more info about his affiliations are below -

IGDA statement regarding his statement, he is affiliated with IGDA.

Bogus credentials on Chris resume.


To all it may concern.

This is statement is to declassify the working experience between Polywick Studios , an SEC registered Philippine entity as Polywick Graphics, PH, Corp. referred in this statement as Polywick; whereas Christopher A. Ruiz. Is referred to as Chris Ruiz.

In the course of finding local resources to expand its Philippine business, Polywick chanced upon the acting Game Development Program Chair of a prestigious Makati based learning institution that bannered curriculum assistance with the International Game Developers Association (IGDA).

With the highest of recommendations, the Program Chair introduced Polywick to Christopher A. Ruiz . Being Chairperson with a Doctorate, this recommendation was highly regarded and pursued by Polywick.

By October 2017, Chris Ruiz as engaged by Polywick, offered at least ₱400,000.00 in business contracts in exchange for a loan of ₱175,000.00 which he claimed was needed to settle obligations with the Bureau of Immigration. This came with the condition and promissory note of its return if the ₱400,000.00 was not generated after a 1-year period . This term has ended and no positive action for any business generation was ever enacted by Chris Ruiz during the entire term.


1. Polywick began investigation by April 2018, due to the inaction of Chris Ruiz for business and especially for the failure to sign required employment documents. Delay tactics for contract revisions were constantly given even after the loan was released to him in good faith. This delay tactic to sign any employment document was apparently the same modus he applied in his previous engagements with entities in Bacolod City. One was a Learning institution and the other a Creative Studio.

2. Chris Ruiz had forged a Certificate of Indigency, which is a required document to engage free representation from the Public Attorney’s Office. He used this service to file a labor case and an appeal against the aforementioned Bacolod based Learning institution. This was apparently one major reason he refused to sign any employment document. In both cases, Chris lost.

3. Using Polywick’s Art Portfolios, Chris Ruiz together with a cohort to offer Freelance Art services online and actually engaged clients. But kept all revenues.

4. Chris Ruiz continues to engage in various engagements to this day but only using cash transactions, thus avoiding any paper trail. If anyone knows of his signature on any contract, please contact us immediately.

5. Chris Ruiz is actually an overstaying foreigner (American) and as latest verification has fines over ₱200,000.00 from the Bureau of Immigration.

6. Chris Ruiz represents himself as owner and Creative Director of Xelzeta Studio. However this is an unregistered entity and has no service or products historically.

7. Chris Ruiz continues to misrepresent himself with technical skills, particularly in programming. This skill is verified to be unproven. At the same aforementioned Learning Institution in Bacolod, a 50 pack License for a Game Engine was made in 2017, valued at US$7,000. But this necessitated an instructor. Due to a strong recommendation from a Manila based academic member --- who actually made the sale , Chris Ruiz was engaged as an instructor. As expected, he could not and did not execute the role. Due this, that school was unable to use the licenses until its expiry, which resulted into a complete and total loss.

8. That faculty was the same one who recommended Chris Ruiz to Polywick. Her claim of having a doctorate degree has also proven to be false and has also been a complete misinterpretation.

9. There are many other uncovered misrepresentations, fabrications, unpaid loans
and the like but will be wasteful to list here.

Due all this, we would like to warn the public from engaging in any business transactions and or engagements with Christopher A. Ruiz. Polywick continues to recover from the lost sales and business opportunities due to his misrepresentation and adverse business ethics. Be alert and advised.

For your study.
Thank you.
Polywick Studio.



Polywick Graphics, PH, Corp.


finearts@polywickstudio .com


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Filinvest Alabang,
Muntinlupa City, Philippines, 1781.


Polywick Studio
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If you're here, Mr. Chris let his domain expire!